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Anastasiya Scheglova, a renowned model and Instagram star born in Moscow in 1995 has gained widespread recognition for her timeless beauty and elegance. At 28 years old, her popularity is evident with an impressive user rating of 8.99 out of 10 and a rank of #435. Her Instagram is a place where she showcases her versatile modeling portfolio and fashion-forward content. Anastasiya's influential presence extends beyond aesthetics, making her a symbol of sophistication and individuality in the digital landscape.

Who Is Anastasiya Scheglova?

Anastasiya Scheglova, born on February 19, 1995, has carved a niche in modelling and social media. Her journey began in Moscow, Russian Federation, where she was born and raised. Embracing her Russian nationality and Caucasian ethnicity, Anastasiya exudes a timeless charm and elegance that contribute to her widespread appeal. Despite being 28 years old as of 2024, she continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide with her youthful aura.

Anastasiya Scheglova
Source: Instagram

Anastasiya Scheglova’s allure extends beyond her physical beauty, as evidenced by her remarkable user rating of 8.99 out of 10. In the competitive landscape of social media, where individuals showcase their lifestyles and aesthetics, Anastasiya has successfully cultivated a significant following. Her current rank of #435 further underscores the impact she has made in the digital realm, with fans and admirers eager to engage with her content.

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Anastasiya’s portfolio

As a model, Anastasiya’s portfolio reflects her versatility and ability to resonate with diverse audiences. Her captivating images and fashion-forward posts showcase not only her beauty but also her keen sense of style. Whether she is gracing the pages of fashion magazines, collaborating with brands, or sharing glimpses of her daily life, Anastasiya Scheglova has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication online.

In an era where influencers and models play a crucial role in shaping trends and setting standards, Anastasiya’s presence stands out. Her impact goes beyond mere aesthetics, resonating with those who appreciate a blend of beauty, style, and individuality. With a promising career ahead, Anastasiya Scheglova continues to inspire and captivate her audience, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in fashion and social media.

Anastasiya Scheglova
Anastasiya Scheglova

Early Life and Education

Despite the lack of detailed information regarding Anastasiya Scheglova’s early life and education, it is known that she hails from Moscow, Russian Federation, and holds Russian nationality with a Caucasian ethnicity. Her upbringing, family background, and academic journey remain undisclosed. 

However, anecdotal sources suggest that Anastasiya may have excelled academically during her high school and college years. While her modelling career has brought her into the limelight, her academic achievements, if any, are not publicly available. Anastasiya’s ability to balance education and her burgeoning modelling career, showcasing her versatility and intelligence, remains a subject of curiosity for her fans.

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What Is Anastasiya Scheglova’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurements?

Anastasiya Scheglova, the stunning Russian model, is 5 feet 8 inches tall, an attribute that contributes to her success in the modelling industry. Maintaining a svelte figure through dedicated workouts and fitness routines, she weighs a proportionate 52 kg (115 lbs). 

Fans admire her not just for her enchanting beauty but also for her slim and athletic physique. Her body measurements, recorded at 33-23-34, showcase her all-natural charm, with a breast size of 33 inches, a waist size of 23 inches, and a hip size of 34 inches. The well-proportioned dimensions highlight her appeal, and she comfortably wears a bra cup size of 33B.

Anastasiya Scheglova’s Tattoos

Anastasiya Scheglova’s body is adorned with several tattoos, including a tattoo of an Owl and a star on her right forearm, a star on her left forearm, and a flower on the front of her right shoulder.

Her Professional Career

Anastasiya Scheglova has established herself as a multifaceted talent, excelling in modelling, acting, and social media. Her career highlights include appearing in Sasha Santa’s music video for “Tucci” and securing a contract with RF Models, a testament to her growing prominence in the modelling industry. The Russian beauty has garnered an immense fan following on her Instagram account, where she regularly shares captivating “way of life” content, showcasing her versatility and engaging with her audience.

Who is Anastasiya Scheglova?,
Source: Instagram

Her Official Debut

Additionally, Anastasiya has ventured into the world of cinema, making notable contributions to films such as “Kak Ya Stal” (2018), “Abbot the Love, For the Adults Only” (2017), and “Olesya” (2018). Her foray into acting further solidifies her status as a rising star with diverse talents and a promising career.

What Is Anastasiya Scheglova’s Net Worth?

As per Anastasiya Scheglova’s Wikipedia page, her estimated net worth is approximately $1 million. The primary sources of her income include her successful modelling career, social media influencing activities, and earnings from film appearances.

Anastasiya’s prominence on platforms like Instagram, where she shares engaging lifestyle content, contributes significantly to her overall income. With a diverse portfolio spanning modelling, acting, and social media, Anastasiya Scheglova has established herself as a lucrative figure in the industry, steadily building her financial success.

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Social Media Influence

Anastasiya Scheglova commands a substantial social media influence, particularly on Instagram, where she shares captivating lifestyle content with her followers. Her engaging posts resonate with a vast audience, including modelling shots and glimpses into her daily life. Anastasiya’s popularity extends beyond her modelling career, making her a notable figure in the digital realm. She has a significant following that values her beauty, style, and online presence.

Who is Anastasiya Scheglova?,
Source: Instagram

Instagram (@asheglova): Anastasiya Scheglova has 43.7 K followers on her Instagram account. She has shared 1009 posts to date, including her photographs in different poses and locations.

Some Well-Known Facts About Anastasiya Scheglova

  • She has brown hair and hazel-coloured eyes. 
  • Her zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • She has appeared in many well-known movies, including Olesya. 
  • She is famous for posting lifestyle content and daily life glimpses on her Instagram account. 
  • As per her Instagram, Miami and Moscow are home to Anastasiya Scheglova.

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